Storm Restoration Contracts and Company Documents Package (Unbranded)


Every Vital Contract and Legal Company document needed to run and protect your Business

*This version is unbranded and will need to be edited by your graphic designer.

            (Original Pricing is $1799.)

            Special Bonus Included

 ***includes over 100 bonus documents on hail, wind, water, mold damage and inspections, claims, code, supplements and more***

Here is a list of the Company Contracts and Vital documents:

1. Damage Assessment & Assignment of Claim agreement. (Dual Purpose Damage Inspection form with legal AOC/AOB agreement ) You the Contractor can be assigned your customers claim to have more control in resolving disagreements with carriers and paid directly to avoid legal suits.

2. Authorization to Repair or Replace with Direction to Pay. (Get your name on the Insurance check and have more control over claims where the AOC/AOB isn’t valid. Texas is a good example!

Replaces Contingency Agreement). 

*Best for Fire & Water Restoration jobs

3. Damage Assessment & Authorization to  Replace agreement (Dual Purpose Damage Inspection form with Legal agreement to get your name on the check.   *Best for Hail/Wind Roofing Claims

4. Material Order & Build Contract (dual purpose doc to order and calculate materials with Formal Legal Build Contract in place to protect you better) 

*Part B to all other agreements and a vital part in protecting your company.

5. Commercial Roofing Contract (10 page 50 state legal professional contract)

*Don’t lose money on large commercial jobs because of weak legal agreements, this contract covers it all to protect you!

To Compete against the Big boys you have to be prepared!

6. Subcontractor Work Agreement (hold subs accountable legally for labor and pricing with this simple agreement)

7. W-2 Plan for Performance (14 page compensation plan and company manual for new hires and current reps, this has everything you need in it for Sales reps)

8. 1099 Plan for Performance (same as above for 1099 Commission based Sales reps. **For New Hires and Existing Reps*)

9. Storm Restoration Process (explains everything to your customer about the process to guide them and keep the locked in, goes in customer folder and answers many questions property owners may have.)

10. Residential Roofing process (15 page handbook to show customers how a residential roof is installed step by step with full color pics branded with your logo)

11. Common Material Training (88 page construction materials training handbook for new and current sales reps covering all they need to know about past and present roofing, siding, windows, gutters, interior drywall, painting, trim and more so they can sell better with confidence and learn to identify products in their claims better)

12. Certificate/Letter of Completion 

(No signature needed Final Invoice to submit directly to Insurance carrier to receive any left over supplements or depreciation monies. 

13. Certificate/Letter of Completion 2           (signature needed by customer )

14. Customer Claim Instructions (helps customers with filing claim, will point the Adjustment and Job to your company as their Contractor of choice, prevents job loss tremendously.)

15. Customer Change Order form (protect yourself when adding or changing work with clients and avoid and margin for error by documenting changes and updating contract pricing)

16. Supplement Missed Items Worksheet (label and identify all missed items for large loss claims easily to present to desk adjuster. This tool has saved my ass many times and show adjusters you’re company is on point.)

17. What You Need to Know (explains everything to the customer about the job build process and pre existing damages you are not liable for and how they can assist in making the process run smoothly so your men can get to work faster.)

18. Storm Damage Notice (simple flyer for door knockers when people aren’t home, works like a charm because most folks think it is a notice from a utility company which prompts them to call. Cheap and effective!)

19. Roofing Material order guide (simple fool proof chart that helps new reps in the field taking material orders for residential shingle roofs with easy to read calculations any rocket scientist could figure out. 😂)

20. Mortgage Release form (legal form to send mortgage company to get endorsed check back quicker. Every word counts!)

21. Subcontractor Charge back form (Tally up all work and materials your subs need to pay you back for if they didn’t do . *Be Accountable* and keep on top of your subs who are not always honest with their invoicing)

22. Materials Return Form (for reps and subs to Tally up materials returned to supplier so you don’t get screwed and can prevent loss from material theft or negligence)

23. Sales Rep Agreement (clear concise contract labeling duties to hold your Reps accountable in the field)

24. Sales Commission Policy (simple policy to protect your company stating commission payment terms and guidelines. *holds up in court*)

25. Personal Conduct Document (simple form stating how reps and employees need to present themselves and act working for your company. You only get one first impression)

26. Code of Ethics agreement (core values and ethical guidelines for subs and employees to follow to protect your company against unethical activity or unsavory characters.)

27. Independent Contractor Agreement (1099 sales reps and subs agreement that is rock solid and time tested legal binding to protect you and your company)

28. 2,5& 10yr Workmanship Warranties (perfect simple clear cut workmanship warranties for customers to understand that protect you against misunderstandings over warranty coverages and bogus lawsuits.)

29. 12 questions to ask new hires (final step questions to ask potential hires to make sure they’re a fit for your company)

30. Potential Employee Interview questions (first step questions to ask potential hires to qualify or disqualify them before wasting too much time on them. Unless you Hire HR firm or Recruiter this doc is priceless)

            **Instructions included**

These documents and this deal blows away everything offered in our Industry right now in Price, Design and Substance! 

*If you’re a brand new company these are all you need to get up and running professionally and legally in style. 

If you’ve been in business for years it may be time to retire those outdated plain vanilla contracts and documents to better ones like we have here!