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The Best Policy
In Life the only guarantee is that there are no guarantees (if that makes any sense). Property & Casualty Insurance coverage is for the obvious: Accidents and Acts of Mother nature. Don’t let bad coverage put you at risk. At Storm Nation we will help you by choosing the best insurance policy coverage to protect you and your valuables.
Storms & Damage
There is no worse feeling in the world than the uncertainty an emergency alert can muster up from the forecast of a possibly devastating storm or natural disaster. We will identify and label these threats simply and outline the types of damage you need to become familiar with to protect your family and property. If you’ve got storms and damage we will help you cope and manage!
Let It Be Known
At Storm Restoration Nation we are all about open, honest and clear communication to educate the people without deceiving or whitewashing the truth to favor one party over another. We are here to shoot from the hip and let it be known so your interests as a property owner stay protected and so you as a property owner do not appear incompetent when it comes to the basic processes and industry knowledge you are usually not privy to. Storm Nation’s main focus is Awareness because it brings understanding which will definitely help birth better decisions in your life.
Insurance Claims A to Z
In life we live by clichés and while sometimes overdone, they have their place in capturing the essence of the topic or agenda they cover. At Storm Nation we apologize in advance for sounding or appearing cliché in anyway, but Insurance Claims knowledge and information in our industry is about as tasty as a sandwich made with stale, moldy bread. We take great pride in covering all things Insurance claim related from A to Z with a fresh approach that is neither one sided or short sighted. Our goal is not to entertain but to enlighten with real useful information that pertains to your situation in the world today.
Restoring Your Property
Did you know that many older homes need updating to meet state code requirements when being remodeled in order to be sold again? Did you know that if not installed to meet specific manufacturer's installation instructions, your warranty could be void? The percentage of unlicensed, non-certified "contractors" is astounding. Let us show you the correct methods and procedures top restoration companies use to restore your property. You’ve invested your hard earned money into buying and furnishing this structure for your business or your family. Don’t cut corners by hiring the wrong company to perform the restoration services you so desperately need.
In Closing
It’s been a long daunting 2 months of negotiations with insurance adjusters, stalled scheduling because of rain delays and products that took weeks to come in as some were special orders. Now you're in the homestretch, but there are those last few but crucial items are stuck on your "to do list". These last few but vital steps will protect you in the long run.
Inquire to Hire
So, you've decided that you need a professional contractor, but where do you begin? With so many shady, unlicensed contractors out there, it's hard to sort through the trash. That's where we come in. Fill out a simple form, and we'll put you in touch with a licensed contractor that is perfect for the job.
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