The Managed Repair Show

I have to hand it to LC from Madsky MRP he is a pretty creative guy flipping from Contractor loathed by the Insurance companies with ASPEN to Golden boy with his Managed Repair Program. Ok LC that was your 2 seconds of free advertising here. We know you didn’t create the problem you’re just validating the Insurance companies quest to Monopolize pricing and reconstruction.

I was the first one to post on this bullshit and contacted back in April about this.

There are thousands of businesses and policyholders these programs can and will affect but their conversation (NAIC) with me was basically this: “If the policyholders aren’t coming forward in droves crying foul there isn’t much we can do” ” If the programs are working to provide homeowners with a licensed/insured contractor who can get the repairs done properly we have no qualms” I have talked to hundreds of property owners who have used MRP, mostly “Contractor Connection” was the program they were provided contractors from in the areas i am talking about. 

Most property owners were pretty content and didn’t care one way or the other, a few were pissed because they weren’t so happy with the contractor who performed the work, most were menial gripes which doesn’t prove anything because Roofing contractors have the highest rate of complaints against them with the BBB. Please Keep in mind people aren’t really aware of these programs or practices until it’s too late so it’s ignorance by default aka the new American way. Learn to practice due diligence people. 

One of the reasons I sign up property owners FREE and give them over Dozens of pages of useful real world information is to make them aware so they can make better informed decisions. This also works with newsletters and phone calls to garner support when they sign up. (Watch how my ideas are copied again)

Part of our platform is creating Petitions and surveys through our “In The Lead” program which creates awareness at the door thru Storm Nation members. 

It will take time to get any movement on the issue with these Managed Repair Program’s but any publicity and awareness is a good thing. 

The defense the MRP’s will have is that they are simply cutting out the middle man (commissioned sales rep) and helping properties owners receive a faster turn around in the restoring of their property working directly with the insurance carrier to prevent further damage plus the reduction of fraud from contractors/storm chasers and their sales reps out knocking doors. 

The key to stopping these MRPs from growing is by informing every property owner of the reality of how the insurance carriers don’t give a fuck about anything more than saving money by cutting costs to increase profits. 

We also have to prove as Industry professionals that there is an unfair advantage and that the Insurance companies are trying to push our business model out of the marketplace by promoting anti competitive practices. This may be something to push to the FTC and should be bundled with other evidence of similar activity like the manipulation of pricing and not accepting pricing that isn’t Xactimate. This is why I tell everyone to stop using it. 

You can’t preach against one thing and be a hypocrite on another front this stuff goes hand in hand. Xactimate needs to be buried with the MRPs in the same shallow grave.

LC is selling us contractors down the river with his program knowing the effects down the line, that’s what really bothers me but who am I to take shit personal right? 

All of these programs where the insurance company tries to cut out fair competition in the marketplace and control the claim by manipulating pricing and facilitating repairs thru an MRP is detrimental to the growth of any company that isn’t part of their network.

I believe the best method is a constant barrage of negative publicity and signing up every property owner in the country we can reach. Our slogan isn’t Educate – Elevate – Unite for our Health. currently has over 43,000 property owner members who enrolled so far and people keep coming in daily and I haven’t even pushed this hard yet….how many of you received a call begging you to join?? If you want to know it’s less than $800. I don’t want 45 industry professional members I want 45000. This is how to get shit done.

Who is with me? Join The Movement today.