The Man and The Mission

For those who know me personally, know that I am a Man of my Word. Honest, Loyal,Trustworthy, Ethical and of High Integrity …but more than anything PASSIONATE!
and…..Sometimes those who don’t know me, Mistake my Passion and Conviction for Arrogance and/or Negativity which is about the furthest from the Truth anyone can get in “Judging” me. Those that do know me see me as the guy who will “Tell it like it is”, “Give them the Shirt off my Back” and “Take a Bullet for them”.
I don’t run from tackling controversial issues or “calling people out” when necessary even if it means losing a few “Friends” in the process.
I stay unbiased in most situations and go after the facts to uncover the truth and shed light when most are afraid to mention or take on topics or individuals like me because, we live in a World today where “Political Correctness” triumphs over “Realness” and most put on their “Sheep suit” and follow the rest of the herd down the path of what they believe is Knowledge, Empowerment or Enlightenment. (check for wool covering over eyes. lol)
I started Storm Restoration Nation because of my passion to remold an industry I love and created a process to do so that goes against the current “system” that most individuals on both sides of the fence have been indoctrinated into and many are laying claim to change but still operating under that same system’s guidelines which is what prompted me to spend my time and hard earned money creating this organization.
I embarked on this mission Feb. of 2013 after pissing away several thousand dollars on an organization that seemed like more of a “cash grab” instead of a true non profit for change .Aside from the greed and lack of real action I felt deceived when they partnered with an engineering firm that is known to act fraudulently in their inspections and has worked on behalf of the insurance carriers to rob policyholders of a fair adjustment and claim settlement if any at all . They also took a top down approach which I realized was ridiculous since most of the issues we face come from bottom of the barrel or “armpit” of our industry.
No offense to anyone here but I get on Facebook and jump into some of the Industry groups I’m a member of and have to laugh because everyone seems to be griping about the same old shit everyday and not seeing the hamster wheel they’re trapped on. Really?, this is the definition of “Insanity” – Doing things the same way and expecting different results. Steve Jobs coined the term “Think Different” and he did which is what made Apple the success it is today. I am more the abstract type like Steve was who believes he can and will “Thinking Differently”.
With all I’ve said above, None of this will work without Support and Participation which is why Property owners are FREE to Join and Industry professionals have several levels of Low cost membership available. As a matter of fact our membership is the lowest for a reason. We want everyone to join not a “select few” because it will take an Army united together following a new process to make headway for a better future for all. If you cannot afford a membership as an Industry professional you can join FREE too. (must provide proof) Educators who would like to participate in providing valuable material to train our industry also receive FREE membership. If they are selling material we will charge 10% to put into the Restore Your Core program fund to help those in need.
Here are a Few Questions People have Asked Me about the Organization that may be rolling around in your head as well:
1. Q: Why is it called Storm Restoration Nation and not Insurance Restoration Nation?
A: Because “we”, “us” (roofers/stormers) are targeted by the media, insurance companies and so called consumer protection organizations like the BBB as scammers, scum and the laughing stock of the construction industry….and in some cases, sad to say, they’re right. A large part of our mission is to “clean up” our side of the industry, for some that is scary because they have a lot of skeletons in the closest so to speak. The Industry Blacklist in Storm Nation was created to deter bad behavior and unethical business practices by force if necessary. Act Right and Prosper.
2. Q: Who is Storm Restoration Nation for??
A: Everyone, beginning with the Property owners and Insurance Restoration Industry professionals. Most organizations focus on Contractors but fail to realize the Policyholder holds the Key. As we go full blast you will see many try to duplicate my plan and some are doing that now as best they can lol.
3. Q: Why is Storm Restoration Nation called a “Movement”
A: Because you cannot remold, reform or change a damn thing without the “Strength in Numbers” needed in alignment who are committed to using their Might (buying power, voting power, unilateral estimating power, legal prowess, etc) to force an agenda they believe in. One that is fair, balanced and reasonable for all.
4. Q: Why is Storm Restoration Nation NOT a Non Profit?
A: Because most Non Profits are hypocrites and are actually profiting tremendously off the members or interests they are supposedly protecting or representing either directly or indirectly. (for example the March of Dimes donates ONE DIME for every Dollar donated to the cause).
5. Q: I saw something about a Union within Storm Restoration Nation, what’s that all about?
A: We have taken some of the basic principles that once made unions great, strong organizations that were the voice of the American worker and used those concepts in a different way to organize Industry professionals, unite, tackle tough issues and instill pride. We have to organize properly and will create chapters in various states and cities that can work on the issues affecting their regions. We have created what we call ” The United Brotherhood of Storm Restoration Professionals” with Delegates (State Representatives), Stewards ( City/Local Representatives) and General members ( every other Industry professional). The plan we have laid out when put into action will have monumental results but we need you to participate.
6. Q: There are so many different programs within Storm Restoration Nation, I’m really confused and would like some clarity on what some of these programs do?
A: Find their descriptions below:
We Investigate – is a platform to report Contractor Fraud, Bad Faith Insurance Activity and Customer Fraud. You can fill out a form upload any supporting documentation and We Will Investigate then pass them off to the appropriate supporting program if applicable. The programs below are a result of this platform.
Restore Your Core – This is a program to donate and assist property owners in dire straits financially who have been the victims of Contractor fraud or were under insured/uninsured and need help. The lead will go to one of our Top tier members in the local area and they will only be asked to donate their profit on the job. labor and materials will be paid at fair market value. This is a great program to give back to those who really need it.
Insurance Claim Action Network – This is a group or “Think tank” of Lawyers, Public Adjusters, Engineers and Appraisers who will assist policyholders whose claims have been handled or settled in bad faith by their insurance carrier.
In The Lead – This is a simple program where members who knock doors can assist Storm Restoration Nation in signing up Property owners as Free members to better educate them which will further our cause in remolding this industry since the property owners are programmed and subliminally branded day and night by the clever marketing tactics of the insurance carriers on TV constantly. We are rebuilding their trust in Contractors this way and In doing so your company differentiates itself by not going in talking about hail damage, wind damage or roofing which will multiply the numbers of leads you create at the door that turn into solid customers who use your company for their project. Give to Receive, its that simple.
Storm Nation Education – is an education platform for our Industry professional members offering training materials via Video, E-book and Documents to train business owners and their employees on 12 Different categories not just Insurance claims or sales.
Storm Team Directory – is an internal Industry professionals directory laid out similar to the Yellow pages where you can connect with Subs, GC’s, Sales Reps, PA’s, Attorneys, Engineers, Appraisers and more across the entire country. (this is not accessible for property owners) Depending on membership level we have basic to enhanced listings where all locations, services, contacts, company logo, job pics and more can be uploaded.
Storm Restoration Jobs – This is a jobs board/recruiting website included in many level of Industry professional membership where you can place ads to hire or find crews, sales reps,managers, office employees and more. Job seekers can upload their resumes for FREE and Companies get a detailed profile with Logo as part of the program.
I of the Storm Forums – The use of Facebook groups and other sites where public access is largely uncontrollable is beginning to prove detrimental to our industry so for our members who would like a private forum only accessed by Storm Restoration Nation Industry professional members we have created I of the Storm. You can freely discuss topics without worry as this is not indexed by google and is a secure protected forum.
Industry Blacklist – is a simple internal reporting system for Industry professionals to report unethical practices between employers/employees, subcontractors, independent contractors or business dealings with other professionals or vendors that have gone unanswered or unresolved. This program will take the facts and information reported and try to assist in resolving disputes but will remain unbiased and the evidence presented from both parties will be reviewed by our members. If the accused party ignores us or their is no resolution we will place them on a blacklist that will be distributed throughout social media and listed on our site until they rectify the issue. This is not to hurt anyone but to clean up our Industry by force. Do the right thing and operate ethically and with integrity.
Legal Lowdown – is a simple bill tracking program where we will track legislation being proposed by state that affects the policyholder/property owners, contractors and other industry professionals.
Storm Restoration Nation Membership can be found at the links below:
Property Owners and Managers:
Industry Professionals:
(contractors, PA’s, attorneys, etc)
Supporting Members:
(manufacturers, suppliers, vendors)
We have so much in the works right now and would love to have you on board. Thanks for taking the time to read this information. Please Join us at