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The True Visionaries and Speakers of Truth to Enlighten and Educate are usually Ostracized, Overlooked or Crucified: Take Dr. Martin Luther King, Nikola Tesla and Jesus for Example. Don’t let the Naysayers Cloud your Judgement. #followus #visitourwebsite #becomeamember #educate #elevate #unite #homeowner #contractor #roofing #restoration #publicadjuster #lawyer #propertymanagement #realtor #commercial #residential #hail #wind #water #fire…

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In – Credibility.

As a professional in the marketplace, the competition from other companies “doing what you do” or claiming to seems infinite. There is nothing more important  than your credibility to your educated customers once the flashy trucks, fancy company gear and slick marketing that wooed them to begin with wears off.  Sure all of those things…

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Win The Storm 2017

In our quest to Educate – Elevate and Unite the Insurance Restoration Industry we attend many seminars and events geared towards our mission.  The largest industry event ever to take place will be on Feb 16-18th 2017 in South Beach Miami hosted by Anthony Delmedico of Storm Ventures Group ( a leading industry training provider…

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The Man and The Mission

For those who know me personally, know that I am a Man of my Word. Honest, Loyal,Trustworthy, Ethical and of High Integrity …but more than anything PASSIONATE!   and…..Sometimes those who don’t know me, Mistake my Passion and Conviction for Arrogance and/or Negativity which is about the furthest from the Truth anyone can get in…

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A United Brotherhood of Storm Restoration Professionals

This is what we have been creating. An honest, open source platform for the entire industry to ban together in ethical business practices, education, enlightenment and brotherhood. I call it Our Union, A United Brotherhood of Storm Restoration Professionals within Storm Nation. Some tout being Super Star Sales Gurus who can grab the highest revenue…

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Strength in Numbers

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