Storms of Gratitude

For most of us in the Roofing and Storm Restoration industry, it’s on right now and contractors are busier than a shopping mall on Christmas Eve. There are hundreds of thousands of properties damaged and homeowners can grow impatient, it’s hot, claims seem to take forever to resolve and tempers flare at adjuster meetings over what’s being covered by the insurance company to restore the property to pre-storm condition.

I would loosely call Storm season “Organized Confusion” because for some it’s more confusion than organization as the jobs pile up and crews are spread thin, overworked and companies feel the crunch of material shortages from manufacturers, not to mention how collecting checks from property owners can be like pulling wisdom teeth as people seemingly disappear on releasing funds to some reps in the field.

I also see a lot of Ego from Sales reps on the hunt out there, bragging over a  contract, even posting job and commission checks online which to me is more like misguided confidence needing a redirect back to the real reason they are there: to Service the Property owner to ensure all damages ( including code items) are covered and all repairs are made swiftly and properly at fair market value so the customer won’t lost value in their property and their company will thrive to see another year. Stop bragging about pending commissions and brag about how grateful you are to serve that customer.

As a Restoration Industry professional be sure to take time out of your hectic schedule each week to Rain down Storms of Gratitude on everyone making all of this success and organized confusion possible for you. It will lessen your stress and bring in more to be grateful for.

Here are a few ways to do that:

1. Thank the adjuster in the field for meeting with you and have a cold drink ready for him too on a hot day. 

2. Send your customer a “Thank you” letter by mail after contracting the job.(before you even meet the adjuster) to let them know you’re so grateful they put their trust in you for their project.

3. Help other team members in the field when you can and teach them all you know so they can be as successful as you.

4. Bring your Production manager or Office admin lunch once in a while and watch how your jobs become more important to them.

5. Thank the crews performing the work by dropping off a case of Gatorade or ordering a few Pizzas once in a while. Also ask them what else they need from you before you take off.

6. Thank your Family for being patient as you work a hectic schedule half the year by decompressing on a nice and much needed vacation together. Even small getaways mean a lot.

7. Thank your Boss or Employees for the opportunity or service by performing your job to the best of your ability to make their life easier and by becoming the example everyone should follow. 

8. Thank God everyday for your health, every opportunity created and every life lesson learned and watch how your life changes before your eyes.

If you’re going to 10X, start with Gratitude. This is the precursor to any successful and happy individual.

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