Stop the Insanity: Get Off the Xactimate Ferris Wheel!


Breaking News: If we all abandon Xactimate and their rigged system they will get the message that we have other options and that they do not control our pricing. Wasting time bickering about Xactimate is the definition of insanity to me. “Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results”. They do not give a shit what you submit and they won’t acknowledge you without a user seat (or with one either).

The real problem is many people in this industry CANNOT price a job without Xactimate because they know nothing about construction at all and never done the work, they are “order takers” on a cash grab calling themselves roofers, Hail Adonis’s or Self Proclaimed Martyrs who were targeted and beat the system……OK . ….I believe you…NOT!

STOP Relying on Xactimate it’s ludicrous.

When you know you’re true costs you can set your prices accordingly without software but in the meantime use Craftsman books data or RS Means if you want line item pricing they are not bought by the Insurance companies. I use IScope and love it which uses the craftsman database but I do it mainly to f— with insurers because the scope looks almost identical to Xactimate and I create my own custom line items and adjust the ones from craftsman I find that are off. I do this to Dupe them and it’s hilarious receiving that call “hey this isn’t Xactimate”…Duh.. Really? “I don’t go by Your pricing I go by mine and yeah I know all you adjusters used to be…sure, Save it Pal”

When you estimate do it fairly and use common sense, I see a lot of price gouging and bragging when guys get $1000 per sq for a 3 tab on a residential property, sure it’s a great profit but what does it do over time to the industry and in particular Contractors reputations? It makes us look like greedy whores who only care about the money in the Policyholders (your customers) eyes and that’s bad for us. We NEED them on OUR SIDE and that’s why Storm Restoration Nation is proactively seeking out Property owners and giving them FREE membership and information they can digest in layman’s terms.

CONTRACTORS: We are in a service based industry and job one should always be serving the customer properly and as a contractor our job should be to know your craft inside and out. Learn Building Code, get Licensed where applicable, get all the certifications you can, Learn Construction methods and materials.

We all know how the insurance companies operate and I’m not saying to be naive to their bad faith practices, I’m saying arm yourself with real world knowledge and get off their Merry Go Round because Xactware was not built for you. It was built for the insurance carriers and it’s run by them too…..Their job is to cover the policy as they wrote it for the policyholder not manipulate and dictate our pricing to control us. So Toss your Middle fingers in the Air, cancel your Xactimate user seats and Stop The Insanity!!!

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