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Should I File a Claim?

And the Million Dollar Question is...

That is a loaded question and best answered after determining whether or not you have damage in the first place. Let’s face it just because your neighbor a block over has damage does not mean that you do and if you do, is it enough to warrant filing a claim? After a major catastrophe it’s important to get a claimed filed as soon as possible but unless you’re a structural engineer or public insurance adjuster you may need to slow your role for a minute...

Day of the Adjustment

The Most Vital Part in the Claim Process

The Insurance adjuster meeting is the most vital step in achieving claim success yet so many property owners fail to follow basic rules or use common sense and their claim gets denied when there is legitimate damage. Your insurance company is a multi-billion dollar corporation and the last thing they want to do is part with money. Their business model grooms their employees to protect their empire by utilizing tactics that downplay your damages and by controlling the claim by selling you on their honesty and processes. This is why their commercials flood the airwaves on radio and television. In this article we will give some basic advice that will help the success of your claim.

Approvals, Denials, Appraisals, and Trials

Insurance claims are anything but a cut and dry acknowledgment of damage from an insurance adjuster who graciously cuts a check covering all of your damages down to the last penny. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Auto, Property & Casualty or Life there are so many intricate details that make each insurance claim unique. By not understanding your policy, not understanding the Insurance industry business model and not hiring the right people to walk you from filing to final invoicing, can hurt the success of your claim and recoupment of funds to repair or replace anything that has been damaged, lost or stolen. The scenarios are never ending, from half approvals to outright denials in bad faith forcing appraisals to take place or court trials where the carrier hopes to wear you down like Floyd Mayweather does to his opponents in the ring. They use words like “Usual and Customary” to quell an uprising from a policyholder and justify underpaying a claim but we use words like “Fair and Reasonable” to negotiate and settle your claim justly. Click here to dive into this topic and learn more about approvals, denials, appraisals and court trials today.

Get Xactly What You Deserve

The Insurance Company's Estimate is Not Xactly Accurate: Get Paid Fairly!

We all know how funny those insurance company commercials are that play 3-4 times between each sitcom or sporting event on T.V. but the reality of “In Good Hands”, “Like a Good Neighbor” or “On your Side” can be quite deceptive to the average joe who is busy working a 9-5 to make ends meet for his family. When you select your policy with your insurance agent you never expected that you would ever have to file a claim, but when you did you thought they would pay the right amount to replace your property to pre-storm condition right? I am sure your neighbors felt the same way when they filed a claim but in reality, Insurance companies are large corporations that have to answer to shareholders the same way that Microsoft or Apple does. This means they need to report growth and profit quarterly or their investors get nervous, couple this with the fact that the estimating platform used to price insurance repairs is owned by a subsidiary of a risk management company tied directly to all of the major carriers. Hmmm sounds quite peculiar doesn’t it? Let us explain why the insurance company’s estimate is not xactly accurate and why we’ve misspelled xactly in every sentence...

You Need Supplements

Why Supplementing your Insurance Claim is Necessary

So your insurance claim was approved last week and you’ve just received the paperwork aka Scope of Loss statement and First check in the mail. You trust that everything was taken care but after careful review of the documentation with your Insurance restoration contractor he/she notices that several required items supporting State building code and Manufacturer’s warranty are missing. The claim will have to be rewritten and submitted to the insurance company and hence, “The Fun begins”. We will explain why supplementing your insurance claim is necessary and how it can cost you dearly down the road if you don’t. Read more here

Insurance Claim Lingo

Insurance Industry Terms and Definitions

We will fill you with all of the Insurance claim related acronyms, definitions and slang to keep you from feeling like you’ve just jumped off the short bus about to enter school for the first time since summer recess. If we’ve left anything out please inbox us, we are not perfect nor are we claiming to be. Thank you for being a part of Storm Restoration Nation, We are Grateful!
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