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Final Billing and Payments

Delayed Payments Cost Us All Dearly

For Contractors, Accounts Receivables can help us grow and flourish or put the last nail in our company’s coffin after slowly choking to death from the non-payment of many smaller restoration jobs or one large gulp from that mammoth commercial reconstruction project that got lodged in our esophagus. In the retail construction arena this is always controlled by the property owner, In Storm and Insurance Restoration the majority of slow and non-payments are dictated by the multi-billion dollar insurance companies who will swiftly lapse your coverage for a missed payment or one received too late. You, the property owner hold the keys to the Maserati that will launch you into the back office helping to kick the processing and approval of monies owed into high gear. We will show you how, with our assistance you can help save your contractor and yourself from the delays which cause undue stress and even lost wages. Time is money, delayed payments cost us all dearly.

Lien Waivers & Warranties

The Most Misunderstood Parts of the Construction Industry

So your property was just restored after a catastrophic storm tore up the roof with hail or fierce straight line winds that blew a tree over crashing right thru as torrential rains flooded your living space ruining your valuables. Some of those valuables were non-replaceable and have been passed down in your family for generations that define your heritage. You hired the right Storm Restoration Company who is a Licensed General Contractor and they did a terrific job but months later you receive a call learning that they haven’t been paying their sub-contractors or suppliers and now these people are coming after you for the money owed to them for labor or materials. To make things worse the roofing shingles installed on your home are losing granules faster than Superman can use his X Ray vision to gaze thru Lois Lane’s clothing discovering the Victoria’s Secret undergarments he purchased last Valentine’s Day are not being utilized. You make a phone call to the Manufacturer and they send a representative out to inspect. Upon inspection he notices that a few things weren’t replaced to support their installation instructions and your warranty has now been voided, although their product may potentially be defective. Two of the most misunderstood parts of the construction industry are lien waivers and warranties. The repercussions of not educating yourself of these particulars can be devastating, in some states your home can be foreclosed on because of it, but luckily you have Storm Restoration Nation to rely upon so you’re educated which in turn covers your assets so you don’t lose.

Reviews & Referrals

5 Stars to Living Large

In America it seems folks stay ready to speak or write about a negative experience in their life. This is all you see on the T.V. from nightly news to reality celebrities and on social media websites. It’s ugly and not part of what our creator had planned for us when he crafted this planet. As businesses we long for the approval of our customers knowing we are on the right path and that our job was well done and appreciated. Reviewing the companies that served you is a good way to “pay it forward” but most never take the time to write a few kind words even though they are logged into google and every social media site in existence to chat with friends and family or read the fodder that is poisoning our minds daily. Referrals are just as important and keep our companies healthy with new prospects in need of the same great service you’ve received. In church this is called “Tithing” and in our industry referrals account for 62% of new business, unfortunately we have to beg, bargain and give discounts to get them. Why be a good customer when you can be a great human being who gives back to those who did you right. Let Storm Nation show you how reviews and referrals affect you directly years after your job is complete and which sites can help boost your favorite businesses ahead of the pack, and learn about some of the great paid referral programs that have generated thousands for thoughtful customers.
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