Legal Lowdown

Stay informed about what Bills your Lawmakers support that could harm you

Our country today is run primarily by politically correct bureaucrats who are nothing more than liars, bigots and hypocrites on the take from big corporations. They carelessly sell their constituents down the river, enticed then entertained by the lobbyists who work for these multi -billion dollar conglomerates. Many of our politicians do nothing more than put us in harm’s way for their own financial gain usually through campaign contributions, this way they can legitimize their activities and cover their trail of deceit. We will follow and keep tabs on the important bills that serve to harm us by keeping you informed and asking for your support to create awareness as we push for changes that protect us all.


How This Works

  1. We will monitor important legislation being proposed in each state that affects you as a property owner or industry professional.
  2. We will propose solutions in the interest of those who may be affected in the state where the bill is being proposed.
  3. We will generate petitions and surveys that support or deny the legislation being proposed.
  4. We will have volunteers who will gather data and support by canvassing (door to door).
  5. We will funnel this data through the proper channels to ensure our voices are heard loud and clear.
  6. We will follow up with relentless pursuit and generate the necessary attention when shunned (news networks, social media, etc.).
  7. We will Win many victories and make a difference for the property owners and industry professionals as a unified force.


Is there a Bill or Law being proposed or enacted in your area you disagree with? Report it here!