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We Investigate
In America, when folks are in distress from a devastating storm or natural disaster, the outpouring of donations and assistance from kind hearted individuals and organizations willing to lend a hand is a part of what makes this country great. Amongst the giving are those whose intentions are less than helpful, and the havoc they wreak on those entrusting them for assistance can devastate their lives further, even bankrupting them, so We Investigate.
The Insurance Claim Action Network is a panel of experts within Storm Restoration Nation whose collective knowledge and years of experience pool together as a "think tank" to fight bad faith insurance carriers exhausting all methods, measures and procedures legally, ethically and morally to protect the policyholders rights as they should pertain to written policy and state law.
Restore Your Core
At Storm Nation we make a habit of finding darkness and flushing it out by educating, elevating and uniting the brightest people in the Insurance restoration industry whose moral fiber is providing the threads to construct the quilt that comforts those victims whose lives have been affected by catastrophic storms, natural disasters, fraud from unethical contractors and bad faith practices from insurance companies.
Legal Lowdown
Our country today is run by politically correct bureaucrats who are nothing more than liars, bigots and hypocrites on the take from big corporations. They carelessly sell their constituents down the river, enticed then entertained by the lobbyists who work for these multi - billion dollar conglomerates. We will follow and keep tabs on the important bills that serve to harm us by keeping you informed and asking for your support to create awareness as we push for changes that protect us all.
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