Our Union

 Our Union: A United Brotherhood of Storm Restoration Professionals


What is this Union Stuff All About?

This is simply a platform to create organization within our chaotic industry that seems to be constantly working against itself where there is division between those who are supposed to be on the same side of the fence. Storm Restoration Nation is here to unite the masses of industry professionals across the country who serve the property owners in one way or another and provide the vision to create the future we all wish to see in the storm and insurance restoration industry.

Let’s face it, we all have our job to do separately as companies and individuals with our own unique set of challenges but together moving forward united, sharing like minded goals implementing the vision to remold and polish a tarnished industry will bring about results that benefit everyone swiftly and fairly. Our Strength in Numbers acting as one will be a cause for concern among those who have created the environment we currently operate in because they can ; in the near the near future they won’t have that leverage.

Who is Our Union For?

Our Union is for everyone who owns a business or works as a storm/insurance restoration industry professional this includes:


General Contractors   –   Subcontractors   –   Specialty Trades

Independent Sales Representatives & Consultants

   Manufacturers   –   Suppliers   –   Distributors

Public Adjusting Firms   –   Attorneys & Law Firms

  Appraisers   –  Umpires   –   Mediators  –  Educators

Estimators  –  Cost Data Providers  –  Industry Associations


our-union-icon Here’s Why You Need to become a Storm Restoration Nation Member and partake in Our Union:

  • Education- By adhering to a training protocol industry wide the level of competence increases, which builds confidence in those who entrust us to handle their claim and restoration.
  • Organization- By creating organization out of a divided chaotic industry we create understanding among each other, which strengthens us. It will also provide clarity for those who misconstrue and stereotype us as one in the same.
  • Brotherhood Take pride in renewing and uplifting our industry as brothers united to take on pressing issues together and earn our respect back by collectively forcing those out who have been giving us a “black eye” destroying our reputation. It is high time to flush the shit of our industry one by one and send the message that there is a new breed on the horizon and unethical bullshit will not be tolerated from any individual or company.
  • Activism- Separated we are weak and have no power against the corporate giants of the insurance companies that continue to delay the process a bit more each year, deny claims in bad faith and crush us with a defense that is tied into special interest groups and lobbyists who stroke our politicians with campaign contributions. We will reign on their parade from every angle by garnering public support to bring their activities to light and by implementing our own strategic onslaught.
  • Benefits- As individual companies our costs are greater. When we unify and pull resources together to create programs that provide phenomenal discounts and rewards for everyone we all win. This may include health insurance, tools and equipment, material suppliers, automotive, material manufacturers and various vendors within and outside of our industry who desire to tap into our multi-billion dollar marketplace.
  • Financial- By unifying we will level the playing field across the country by region where the disparity in pricing is biased to say the least. We will force fair professional contractor market rates that are designed to first protect the property values and policyholder’s interests by pushing the states to enforce codes that support ethical contracting practices and manufacturer’s warranties, which will increase our profit margins and the quality of work being performed.
  • Safety- By increasing the level of quality and consistency we deliver as an industry, our efforts will also spotlight focusing on safety as paramount to increase the quality of life and health of those on the jobsite who work tirelessly to restore the storm damaged properties for our customers by implementing OSHA standards across the board and encouraging company certification.


Benefits of Becoming a Storm Restoration Nation Industry Professional Union Member:

  1. Ability to influence, reshape and affect major changes to better our industry for everyone.
  2. Become part of a nationwide brotherhood who, hold the same core values and beliefs you do that support and assist one another.
  3. Receive uplifting messages, stories of success & valuable life coaching lessons that will transform you as an individual and business owner to soar above the competition with thought altering information.
  4. Train your entire team and staff on our groundbreaking platform to improve retention and improve regional pricing.
  5. Increase sales by utilizing our exclusive programs and trademarked branding while gathering valuable data to preserve our business model and protect policyholders nationwide.
  6. Receive an exclusive listing in the Storm Team directory to connect with the best in our industry to network and make money.
  7. Give back to those in need and increase your good karma exponentially while helping us expose contractor fraud.
  8. Receive corporate discounts from Supporting Cast members and industry affiliates on products and services.
  9. Be part of the exclusive “I of the Storm” forums where some of brightest minds connect to help one another solve problems and issues that arise within our industry on a daily basis. (Not on Face Book)
  10. Attend Storm Nation member only seminars and events that include top industry leaders to learn and network as brothers.
  11. Join the Movement and help us clean up our image through awareness and education to flush the criminals out of our industry that been tarnishing our image for too long.


Roles in Our Union


  • Delegates: Storm Nation appointed State representatives


  • Stewards: Storm Nation appointed Local representatives 


  • General Members: The United Brotherhood of Storm Restoration Professionals


Responsibilities Include:

  • Keeping us abreast of issues and changes at the state and local level as it pertains to the policyholders and our well being as business owners and professionals employed in the construction and insurance restoration industry such as: newly proposed or changes in current legislation, codes or policy.
  • Delegates and Stewards hosting member meetings to discuss the issues pertinent to their respective regions as well as recruiting, welcoming, mentoring and educating new and current members so everyone is in alignment with the organization.
  • Adhering to the core values of Storm Nation and utilizing practices that will assist us in regulating regional pricing to true professional contractor market rates.
  • Signing up Property owners as Free members of Storm Restoration Nation and assisting us in getting signatures for petitions that will protect our rights and improve the industry overall.



Final Word on Our Union

Our Union is a diverse group and United Brotherhood of Storm Restoration industry professionals who are serving property owners and adhering to the ethics and core values of Storm Nation, which support Universal Laws and principles that have held true since the dawn of time. Our Union may include policing our own to improve our level of service, quality, reliability and accountability consistently as a brotherhood that will strengthen our reputation as a whole, increasing confidence and gathering support from those who matter most: The property owners.


Join Storm Restoration Nation and become part of our United Brotherhood of Storm Restoration Professionals today!