In – Credibility.

As a professional in the marketplace, the competition from other companies “doing what you do” or claiming to seems infinite. There is nothing more important  than your credibility to your educated customers once the flashy trucks, fancy company gear and slick marketing that wooed them to begin with wears off. 

Sure all of those things create the illusion of a responsible successful company but what truly makes you stand out is your “In-Credibility”  let me explain:

1. Offering products and services to property owners and being certified for those products makes you “credible” in thi industry. Consulting with property owners on the right solution that improves or protects the value of their property and knowing why makes you “In-Credible” (and rare.)

2. Having your customer sign a Contingency form and doing the job for “Insurance proceeds” after they pay their deductible makes you “credible” (not really). Knowing how to Scope the entire Job at fair market value (including code items) then getting your customer to sign to a hard number agreement that protects them and your profits makes you an “In-Credible” contractor (who will have more broad customer backing when insurance companies “play games”)

3. Hiring reliable crews that perform their job who you pay at the end of the week makes you “credible” in this industry. Vetting crews that are manufacturer certified and properly insured who follow proper OSHA safety procedures makes you an “In-Credible” GC.

4. Running a Team can take a lot out of a Business owner, especially those who travel often. Too many run themselves ragged trying to control every aspect of everything inside their business, although commendable and credible because of your dedication to accountibilty. Allocating some of that workload by hiring others you would deem smarter than yourself will make you an “In-Credible”owner and highly successful one who enjoys a proper Work/Life balance.

When you wake up every morning before you pick up your iPhone to scan thru Facebook, Twitter, Google or anything else. Take time to write your goals, thoughts or sit in meditation or prayer, or  better yet read a few chapters of an inspirational book to get your brain churning with ideas and have an In-Credible Day!