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Welcome to Storm Restoration Nation

Who are we, What are we about and Why were we created??? Surely all of these questions come to mind when visiting any organizational website as most want to know: What's in it for me?? Why should I join and support this organization??

Property owners: Storm Restoration Nation is an organization for commercial and residential property owners who have a property that has or may be affected by any catastrophic weather event such as: Hail, Wind, Water, Earthquake or Fire damage. We are hear to protect you from unscrupulous contractors or opportunists acting unethical preying on good people like you, Insurance carriers and adjusters denying your valid property loss claim in bad faith and from your local and state legislative bodies who create the laws that can help or hurt you as a property owner and policyholder. Join Free but please donate and purchase merchandise to support us and we promise to work to protect you in an unbiased manner, operating ethically and expeditiously.

Industry professionals: Storm Nation is here to protect, promote, educate, elevate and unite the honest, ethical contractors, public adjusters, attorneys, engineers, appraisers, consultants, sales representatives, suppliers, distributors, manufacturers and vendors who are committed to taking our oath, following our code and participating with other industry brothers and sisters to assist and participate in the organization. We are not like any other organization for this industry. We are low cost, passionate, focused and dedicated to acting in an unbiased manner and we have an agenda with many programs for many purposes. Join us as a paid member and commit to the future by creating a better industry for all of us.

Insurance carriers: We applaud and support all insurance companies and their employees who are willing and ready to work with Storm Restoration Nation in resolving any and all claims disputes to provide swift closure to a stressful period in the lives of your customers, the policyholders and commit to assisting our industry professional members dedicated to restoring their dwellings to pre storm conditions and honoring the policy as it was written in accordance with the laws of their respective state. We all have a job to do and that is act in good faith on the behalf of the property owners,  at Storm Nation we are relentless to ensure this and look forward to your cooperation.

Restoring Your Property

Take a load off, it's time to get your property restored.

Hey, you’ve made it this far in the process without any major wounds after your Insurance company tried to beat you up on the initial loss statement you hung in there and went to battle with your contractor to ensure everything damaged was paid for at fair market value in the supplement and now it’s time for a little fun. You have a chance to rebuild or remodel your property the way you like either using the same type of materials paid for in your claim or by upgrading to any materials you desire. Be grateful and learn how to maximize this process.


Stay in the Lead With Storm Nation

Get more leads, Help change laws, Assist more property owners, Make more money. This program is for industry professional members only and is simple, effective and groundbreaking. Join the movement and help secure your future!



We will follow and keep tabs on the important bills that serve to harm us by keeping you informed and asking for your support to create awareness as we push for changes that protect us all.


We Investigate Fraudulent Activity Within Our Industry

We Investigate bad faith claims practices to assist property owners receive a fair claim settlement, We Investigate Contractor fraud to assist property owners in prosecuting unethical business owners, We Investigate customer fraud to protect ethical contractors and industry professionals.




Information for Property Owners and Industry Professionals

Our Brotherhood

To create a better storm restoration industry we must first focus on unity. The United Brotherhood of Storm Restoration Professionals is a program created to bring our industry professional members together locally, regionally and nationally to educate, elevate and unite every member who has taken our oath and committed to honest, ethical business practices and sharing with their Storm Nation industry brothers on hot topics, new technology, best methods and local/state code and laws affecting their livelihood. The United Brotherhood is "Our Union" and exclusive to all industry professional members only.


Apply For Membership

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Rainmaker Motivation

Motivational, Inspirational content and quotes to get you through the daily stresses of life, reinforce your faith and gain clarity to elevate your mind state. We will be featuring content from some of our members to build a participating community that uplifts one other.



In The Lead

Leads are the Life Blood of any business and we have developed a program to help property owners and the industry at the same time. If you want to be a part of changing our industry for the betterment of all you're going to fall in love with how simple and genius this program is.


Storm Nation Education

Storm Nation Education is an open source platform for all paid members of the organization. We will feature content from top industry professionals and experts as well as education on a variety of topics that balance and enrich your life mentally, spiritually and physically.


National Insurance Restoration Directory

As an Industry professional member of Storm Nation you will have you business listed in our National Insurance Restoration Directory for property owners all over the country to access. No more sifting through Yelp or Yellow Pages they will be able to find you right here and know you're part of an honest, ethical movement in an industry where hiring a quality licensed professional can be a daunting task.


Storm Restoration Jobs

POST - SEARCH - HIRE - WORK: Storm Restoration Industry professionals now have their very own national jobs board. Why pay hundreds of dollars per month for expensive listings to find top talent only to get corralled in with thousands of industries? Create your company profile FREE today and try it out.


The Best Policy

The only way to know you've selected the wrong policy coverage for your property is by understanding how policy is written: By lawyers who work for the insurance carriers using confusing legal jargon and shakespearean lingo that will have you utterly frustrated and at potentially risk for minimal coverage after a devastating weather event or natural disaster. We show which policy is right for your property in layman's terms so you get the most for your money before and after the storm.



Storm & Damage

Learn all about catastrophic storms and storm damage as well as how to protect your family, your property, belongings and your sanity after you've been affected by a major weather event. This information is Free to all property owner members so be sure to join and spread the word.


Let It Be Known

We have let the cat out of the bag when it comes to knowing how to spot the crooks posing as ethical contractors, how to protect yourself from bad faith insurance adjusters and the companies creating this environment. There is so much vital information in this module to save your hide but you have to be a member so be sure you go to join at the top of our menu and sign up today, its fast and pain free.


Restoring Your Property

We show you all you need to know when it comes to restoring your property properly. Materials, labor, contracts, payment schedules and methods and more. We give you the unbiased scoop on how to maximize your money and time to get the most with the least amount of stress. We have the best contractors an industry professionals on board that follow these practices for your protection.


In Closing

When your property is restored to before the storm condition and final invoicing has been received you need to follow these steps before remitting payment to protect yourself. So dot all your i's and cross all your t's the exact way we relay in this valuable lesson. sign up free today and tell your friends and neighbors about us.


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