A United Brotherhood of Storm Restoration Professionals

This is what we have been creating. An honest, open source platform for the entire industry to ban together in ethical business practices, education, enlightenment and brotherhood. I call it Our Union, A United Brotherhood of Storm Restoration Professionals within Storm Nation.

Some tout being Super Star Sales Gurus who can grab the highest revenue and commission. All you have to do is Focus on the Real Needs of others and Your Deal is Sealed. Sow those Seeds and you will Grow into an Expert from your Passion for Learning and Helping others.

At Storm Nation we are promoting Stellar Service and how to Restore the Properties of those affected from Damaging Storms by adhering to State Building Code, Fair Claims Practices and Best Construction Methods. This isn’t Rocket Science and you don’t need Self Proclaimed Sales Messiahs to Teach you how to use your God given senses to do it right.

You need Education: Learn all you can about the Products, Services, Estimating and Installation methods so you can explain to the Property owners how and why your company does things the way it does.

Learn all you can about Insurance Claims, Insurance Policies (do not speak about unless you’re a Public Adjuster) and Damage Inspections so you can Protect the People you Serve from Bad Faith or Uneducated Adjusters who most likely have their hands tied by their employers anyway.

Become Licensed (if available) wherever you Operate and Get Certified with every Manufacturer you can. Then you can Consult and you won’t have to Sell because you have the Knowledge and the Power. It’s that Simple.

We Don’t want a Select Few. We want everyone on board to build the largest Family of Educated, Ethical Industry Professionals the Insurance Restoration Market has ever seen.

We need great educators and mentors on board for Storm Nation Education. Inbox us if interested.

StormNation.org If you’re just starting out and can’t pay for a membership it’s Free for the First year.

We just created a jobs board as well and everyone gets a listing for Free. stormrestorationjobs.work